Tennis Hopes to Ace This Season

Joe Hinshaw, Reporter

Bishop Blanchet’s tennis team is has its eyes on the prize of a championship, under the leadership of senior captain, Zoe Langley and head coach, Kerry Loveland.

“Last year I was the JV captain,” said Langley, “I’m ready to take in this new leadership role.”

Bishop Blanchet’s tennis program is one that continually works to push its players to be their best each and every day, weather permitting, of course.

Although the tennis team needs near sunshine to practice on the courts, they have gotten creative for indoor workouts when Seattle weather isn’t cooperating.

“We run stairs for a while on rainy days,” said Loveland, “which helps the players with conditioning.”

Nonetheless, on days when the weather is suitable, the team is surely putting all they have out on the court.

“The coaches help us to strive for perfection,” said Langley, “I think it’s good for me to be pushed so I can improve.”

The team hopes to make it to the championships, which doesn’t come without plenty of hard work.

The weather sure changes in the Seattle climate, but Bishop Blanchet’s tennis team will work to be the best, no matter the obstacles.