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Odesza is Stealing the Show

Kayla Ponti, Reporter

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On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, March 29th-31st, Odesza came to perform at the WaMu Theater in Sodo, and there were many students from the Brave community that attended.

In an interview, the American electronic music duo, made up of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, said they started in Bellingham, Washington in 2012. The two meet freshman year, but did not start making music until their senior year of college. Knight had been studying math and physics, while Mills had studied graphic design.

In 2012, they released their first debut, Summer’s Gone, and had their first live performance for Teen Daze and Beat Connection in Bellingham, WA in November of 2012. They ended up hitting it off and hit one million Soundcloud plays before they released their second album, My Friends Never Die in 2013.

According to Seattle Weekly, on September 9, 2014, the duo had released their album, In Return. Adam Foley who worked for Red Light Management at the time had said about a year after In Return was released that it had been on the Billboard charts for 66 consecutive weeks and for 46 of the weeks, it had been in the top ten.

After this album, Odesza had caught people’s attention from around the world. Foley said that they sold out their entire world show. They had traveled to Australia, Europe, North America, and New Zealand. During the tour there were multiple performances at a number of places.

Odesza’s most recent album, A Moment Apart, was released on September 8, 2017. According to Billboard, the album is about growth, maturity, and perspective that was gained through hard-earned experience.

According to Billboard, when preparing to go on tour for A Moment Apart, Odesza wanted to bring to life in the show the sounds of hearing or imagining a memory. They wanted to make the show a very unique experience.

“I loved every part of the show,” said senior Cameron Griffin, “It was amazing, and I did not want it to end.”

When Odesza was first coming to Seattle, they were scheduled to only perform on Saturday night, but because the tickets sold out in less than a day, two other performances were put on the schedule for Thursday and Friday as well.

“I went on Friday night,” said senior Maylynn Lee, “There was so much energy in the crowd, and Odesza performed really well.”

The concert had a light show and visuals as a part of their performance.

“My family loved to concert so much that we are going again in June at the one at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.” said Griffin.

Odesza has gained a big following for their music and have a bright future for their music.

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Kayla Ponti, Reporter

Kayla Ponti, a senior at Bishop Blanchet, is beginning her first year as a member of the Miter staff and journalism team. Kayla is excited to improve her writing skills by writing about the sports events, school news, and the Brave community. She believes that everyone should know what is going on in their community and is excited to be a voice for the Braves. Kayla is also an ambassador, captain of the girls swim team, a member of St. Vincent de Paul, and runs on the track team in the spring time. Outside of the classroom, Kayla works at Aqua Club as a lifeguard and teaches swim lessons in the summer, enjoys skiing on Friday nights at Stevens Pass, attending Blanchet sports events, and watching The Office. Kayla also enjoys keeping up with current events by watching Fox News, as well as listening to talk shows, and reading the Seattle News. Kayla is thrilled about being apart of the Miter staff and can’t wait to write for the Brave community.

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Odesza is Stealing the Show