In-N-Out Sparks Debate Between Burger Fans

Derek Loen, Reporter

Seattleites are quick to defend their favorite local burger places such as Dick’s and Red Mill, but this has led to some unnecessary bias against In-N-Out burgers.


Over spring break, I was able to visit In-N-Out and try their highly praised food for the first time in years. As a fan of all types of burgers, I was looking forward to comparing it the other places that I frequent. To my surprise, the majority of people I talked to claimed that Red Mill and Dick’s are both better.


“In-N-Out is definitely overrated,” said Senior Will Fleming. “The fries have no taste and the burgers are mediocre.”


At In-N-Out I ordered the classic Double-Double, and the Animal Fries, which were fries covered in cheese, grilled onions, and “secret sauce”. The Double-Double immediately impressed me. It was a perfect balance of flavors, and the secret sauce definitely added its part to make the burger more than just average. The Animal Fries were not bad, but not great. I will admit that the fries themselves were lacking, and did not hold up to Dick’s or Red Mill fries. Senior Jack Deane also ate at In-N-Out, and he had the Double-Double and regular fries. He was not as impressed as I was.


“The Double-Double isn’t nearly as good as the Deluxe at Dick’s,” said Deane. “It wasn’t anything special.”


In my opinion, the In-N-Out burger holds up with its local competitors. People from Seattle obviously hold pride in their favorite places, but In-N-Out does not deserve all of the slander it gets.