The Scariest Movie on Netflix, Veronica, is Living up to the Hype

The horror movie, Veronica, released in the United States on the January 5 2018, has many Netflix users saying that it is the “scariest movie on Netflix” for many valid reasons.

Zoe Baker, Reporter

One of the newest movies placed on Netflix, Veronica is being spread around social media as the “scariest movie on Netflix”.

The movie was first originally released in Spain on August 25, 2017, and then five months later released in the United States, with subtitles.

Soon after its release in the United States, it gained the title of “scariest movie on Netflix” by many instagram and twitter users, for obvious reasons.

The movie is based on a true story which makes the movie even more terrifying than it already is. The movie and the real story were both set in Spain in 1991.

The main character is a fourteen year old girl tasked with the responsibility of taking care of her three younger siblings after her father had died and her mother works long shifts at work and is never home.

Veronica decides to bring a ouiji board to school to try and contact her father with her friends, when something paranormal happens to her, which she doesn’t remember but after behaving oddly around her friends she is finally told what had happened.

After this moment in the movie, it takes a turn for the worst. She begins to be haunted by a grotesque creature that also terrorizes her siblings.

Overall, the movie was just as terrifying as I had expected it to be, but because I had to read the subtitles while watching it lessened how scary it was, it is harder to be scared when you’re focused on what the characters are saying and keeping up with the dialogue.

I would recommend this movie if you’re someone that likes to be panicked and if you don’t mind reading subtitles while watching a movie. It has many twists and turns and you will not be dissapointed while watching.