El Camion Takes Over Laurelhurst

Gigi Gallaudet, Reporter

The city’s most iconic Mexican food truck has made its way into Northeast Seattle. El Camion, a chain of Mexican restaurants, both mobile and stationary, has opened a new truck location in Laurelhurst.

Located a few blocks from Children’s Hospital, this addition to the Laurelhurst neighborhood was opened at the beginning of April. El Camion is known throughout Seattle for its amazing street tacos, burritos, and more, so this was a highly anticipated event.

“I’m so excited to try it out,” said senior Ella DiPietro, who lives nearby. “Now I won’t have to go all the way to Ballard to get El Camion.”

My family decided to make the convenient five minute drive to the new location on April 7. Everyone in my family was extremely looking forward to an accessible and authentic Mexican meal.

“I’ve had El Camion at other locations and it has always been exceptional,” said my dad who usually gets fish tacos. “It’s definitely exciting that we won’t have to drive as far anymore.”

Apparently, a lot of other people had the same idea as my family and I. When we arrived at the food truck, there were at least fifteen people waiting in front of us. It would have been unreasonable to assume a well-known establishment like El Camion would have no line, but the wait, which was around forty-five minutes, was unfortunate.

“We didn’t know until after that there is an option to call in an order and then go pick it up,” said my older sister Claire, a Blanchet alum. “We’ll have to do that next time because the wait was exhausting.”

Once the food came, however, it made up for the delay. I ordered carne asada tacos, which were full of vibrant flavor, and with the salsa verde, made for a near perfect meal. On the heartier side, my sisters got chicken burritos, which also earned rave reviews.

With the awareness of the call-in order option to avoid the lines, El Camion is the perfect joint for an easy Mexican meal. Located on Sand Point way, El Camion is open from noon to 10pm.