Bumbershoot 2018 Lineup Release Caused Mixed Feelings


Maddie Gudrian , reporter

On Monday, April 30, 2018 at 9:00 am the Bumbershoot 2018 lineup was released, and people have mixed feelings.

Festival-goers were expecting a lineup much like Coachella, because the two festivals are owned by the same company. Bishop Blanchet students are disappointed because Coachella had three amazing headliners-Beyonce, The Weeknd, and Cardi B, and Bumbershoot has J.Cole as the most popular headliner.

If you’re waiting around for your favorite artist, or the line for food is too long, there are other performers other than just music. Yogashoot, 1 Reel Film Festival, the Laser Dome, and other arts and culture are popular at Bumbershoot. Comedians and speakers also perform at Bumbershoot, some of the most popular in the Seattle area are Nikkita Oliver and Chris Fairbanks.

Many people like sophomore Yordanos Mamo and junior Jaz Harvey are frustrated because a lot of the artists are small, unknown bands.

“I have no idea who most of the artists are,” Mamo said. “I don’t even know them so I can’t judge if I like them or not. I definitely think the lineup could be improved by having more relevant artists that people know and listen to,”.

Jaz Harvey is not only frustrated by the lineup, but also surprised because it includes a lot of “outdated” artists.

“I don’t even know 90% of the artists,” Harvey said. “I think they could have included more well-known artists, especially since Coachella had Beyonce and Cardi. I’m also really surprised that Ludacris, T-Pain, and Lil’ Wayne are performing because they’re outdated, but they’re good,”.

The most unexpected and oldest band performing is Blondie, a rock band that formed in 1974. According to Billboard, their most popular song is “Heart of Glass”.

Mr. Jesse McFeron, Blanchet alum and English teacher commented on Blondie performing at the festival.

“I think that’s awesome,” McFeron said. “From unknown to super-known artists that’s the whole point of Bumbershoot right? It’s a blast from the past,”.

Some people are even questioning if the lineup is worth the price of the ticket. General admission tickets range from $220-$255 dollars for a three day pass, which is a lot of money for Bumbershoot.

The festival originally started out as free, but was then bought by AEG, the company that owns Coachella. People are concerned about the price of the tickets because of the lineup. They think the lineup isn’t worth the money, but junior Alex Plastino made a very good point.

“People assume that if the headliners are bad the whole thing is going to be bad,” Plastino said. “But that’s not necessarily true because there’s a lot of bands that are going that they don’t know about,”.

There’s always a chance that the lineup could have some slight changes. Last year, Taylor Bennett was supposed to perform but was taken off the lineup for unknown reasons. Some artists may not be able to perform or they will switch out or add more artists to make the lineup better and create more interest.

Bumbershoot is August 31-September 2, 2018 with headliners J.Cole, SZA, The Chainsmokers, and Fleet Foxes.