Elegance and Some Mexican Food – Blanchet’s 2018 Senior Prom.

Samantha Zink, Reporter

On May 5th, 2018, the seniors at Blanchet attended their prom with the theme “Around the World” at the Fremont Foundry where everyone was dressed with elegance, but ready to party.

This was the first year in a couple of years that prom was not held on the luxury boat it usually is. Thanks to the hard working senior class cabinet and the prom committee they were able to find a new location that was simply wonder for the occasion.

“I really dug it,” said senior Teresa Fesablon. “It had three levels so people could spread out so it wasn’t so crowded and I liked that they played music on all three floors.”

The night began with dinner and exploring of the location. A Mexican buffet was in order for the students at the prom. With offerings of steak and chicken fajitas or for the healthier a Mexican salad, everyone could have what they wanted. After dinner, of course was dessert. Tall chocolate fondue fountains with heapings of various desserts to chocolate coat were open to students, and just outside on the deck not far from the fondue, you could see the double rainbow that appeared over the Aurora bridge.

“There was a rainbow,” said senior Emma Facer. “We could see the whole arch right over the bridge. It was so cool! I will definitely remember that forever!”

The dancing commenced after the dinner tables were cleared and students wasted no time getting on the dance floor to show off their moves. The DJ played a mix of favorite pop and rap tunes for the students, and many of the senior girls took off their heels in order to dance better.

“I really enjoyed prom,” said senior Mari Mora. “It was a great way to end the year with my best friends.”