Big Start For Varsity Baseball

Chris Salvador, reporter

The Blanchet boys baseball team have opened their season strong, and continue to play hard regardless of recent weather conditions.


The team had a few games rained out and rescheduled due to poor weather. They also ran into a big battle against the Bainbridge Spartans that ended in a tie. As a result of the tie, they must finish the game at a later date.


On March 16th the team had a huge win against Mariner. The Braves won the game 8-3 on that sunny, late afternoon matchup. Huge credit to senior captain Scott Yeung who went three for three with a double and three runs batted in. This was one of the first official wins of the season, which added to the excitement,


“The bus ride was active,” said sophomore Cody Dries “and all the players were riled up from the huge win”.


On March  21st the Braves had a huge matchup against our first Metro league opponent of the season. The matchup took place at Lower Woodland at 4pm. The game was a very close and strong effort from both teams; however, the game ended in a tie. Both teams have to reschedule to finish the inning to determine who the winner is. Bainbridge would have to travel back to Lower Woodland at a later date.


“ It is a crucial game against a Metro league opponent,” said senior captain Scott Yeung “ a win would really mean a lot”.


During the heated game, Junior Luke Bucher hit a home run after a string of plays that led them to catch up with Bainbridge. The home run was a huge confidence boost for the team’s morale.


“I kind of just swung and made contact with the ball,” said junior Luke Bucher. “Next thing I knew the ball flew through the air”.


The matchups against Kamiak and Rainier Beach have both been cancelled due to bad weather. Both games will have to be rescheduled to a later date. The team is disappointed they don’t get the opportunity to play; however, are glad that they can utilize this time to rest up before the matchups right before Spring Break.