Rampage Suffers From Being Extreme Mediocre

Chris Salvador, reporter

Rampage is a new and extremely mediocre movie that only a few movie lovers will enjoy.

It is an enjoyable movie to see; however, it’s not a movie that you would go out of your way to watch again. The visual effects, however, are quite impressive.

The movie, starring Dwayne Johnson, is an action packed and comical movie that is based off an early video game. The movie has its moments, but lacks in some aspects that doesn’t keep the viewer engaged in the story.

“I definitely would not have paid to see this movie” said senior Chase Font.

Rampage has solid action scenes and the visuals are quite impressive; however, it seems to be drawn out, specifically the final battle. It would have been better to see a more diverse variations of mutant animals that don’t seem to be impenetrable.

“I enjoyed it,” said senior Maylynn Lee “ I like any movie with Dwayne Johnson in it”.

The movie has its funny moments as well, especially with Dwayne Johnson and George, the gorilla. The enjoyment of rampage should mostly be credited by Dwayne Johnson, who brings a funny and enjoyable atmosphere.

“If Dwayne Johnson wasn’t in that movie it probably wouldn’t have been as nearly as good” said senior Summer Cyr.

Rampage is a solid, mediocre movie that might be worth the watch. Be prepared for a lot of destruction, action, and witty remarks scattered across the film.