Toronto Man injures 15 And Kills 10

Chris Salvador, reporter

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A white van went through a crowd of pedestrians in north Toronto, killing at least 10 people and injuring at least another 15.


This act did seem deliberate, but there are no found links between this horrifying event and any terrorist organizations. This event seemed to be planned and done by only by one single person, rather than an organized group.


According to Vox writers Zeeshan Aleem and Jen Kirby, the driver drove down the sidewalk reaching up to 40 miles per hour and traveled up to a mile before being apprehended by the Toronto police. The Police have identified the driver as 25 year old Alek Minassian of Richmond Hill, Ontario.

“This is truly a tragic event that seems to be one of many” said senior Nate Lewis.


Marc Saunders, the chief of the Toronto police said the investigation was still in progress. He told reporters that they believe that the act was deliberate, but they haven’t determined his motives. Minassian was not previously known to police and did not have a police record of any kind.

“It’s sad to see all these tragic events,” said junior Alex Plastino “It’s like its becoming a norm to see such events on the news”.

At the moment Canadian authorities have not found a link with Minassian and any terrorist organizations and are not treating the incident as a terrorist attack.

Ralph Goodale, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness stated that there were no national security risks.

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister expressed his condolences for the victims on Monday afternoon. Saying that their hearts go out to everyone affected by this event.

“I am glad this isn’t terrorist related,” said senior Sam Peerce “ But it’s sickening to hear about”.


This method of attack has been seen before in other ISIS inspired attacks around the world. Vehicles have been used to cause harm to others in cities including New York, where eight were killed last October, and Nice, where 86 people were killed in 2016.

It is truly tragic to see another violent crime where it ends with loss of life; however we can learn from our mistakes and get to the bottom of these violent crimes.

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