Blanchet Tennis Continues Successful Season

Cade Prinzivalli, Reporter

The Bishop Blanchet Varsity Tennis team has continued the victorious season with a triumphant 5-0 victory against Cleveland High School on April 27.

The Brave’s record has improved to 10-3 and seems to be continuing on an upward trend towards success.

“We are really looking like a serious team to take on right now,” said  junior Cam Ferguson. “I am excited to see how far we can go with the talent we have.”

The team has tremendous comradery and the players enjoy every practice and match they spend together.

“We have a special connection,” said junior Jack Robinson. “This is a great group and I enjoy every moment I spend with the team.”

All in all, the team is showing great promise to do something memorable this season if they stay focused and on track. Their coach believes they have all the capabilities to succeed but says it will come down to execution.

“They’re a super talented group with a lot of potential,” said Coach Kerry Loveland,” I really can see this group being a problem for our opponents down the road.”