Finishing Strong

Molly Miska , Reporter

The Boy’s Lacrosse Team finished their regular season games strong, and begin to prepare for the start of Metro Play-offs.  

After losing only two games this season, the Boy’s Lacrosse Team is optimistic about the play-offs, and thinks that they can go far if it continue to work hard, and work together as a team.

The team ended strong in their game versus Seattle Academy to determine the winner of the Division II Private Metro Division.

The Braves unfortunately fell short of a win, but this is not stopping them from being the champions.

“I know we can do it” said junior Forrest Snorsky. “We just have to work harder.”

The Braves have beaten SAAS earlier in the year. Since both teams played great and because of the standings, another game will be held this week between the two teams to determine the Champion. The Braves hope to have the same success as they did earlier in the year against SAAS.

“I’m happy with how well we have been playing” said Snorsky. “SAAS has always been a really good team, and the fact that we are on their level now is a big accomplishment.”

The Braves hope to continue further after this game, and continue to have success. This has been a great final season for seniors Finn Jelenik and Jackson Brown, and they hope to finish their senior season strong.

The Braves will face SAAS on Tuesday, May 8 at Genessee Play field at 5:15.