Another Popular Music Artist Causing Political Controversy?

Grace Klauser, Editor

This past week, opening almost any social media feed or news will result into seeing something controversial about another music artist coming out as a Trump supporter. This time it’s hip-hop artist, Kanye West.

West has proclaimed himself be a Trump supporter through a series of Tweets that are causing a huge controversy with his fans.

After receiving a lot of attention, West tweeted, “I haven’t done enough research on conservatives to call myself or be called one.”

West gained about half a million followers since this controversy began, and he seems to be drawing hints to the rumor that he is going to run for president for the 2024 election.

On Tuesday April 24, West tweeted “2024,” which seemed to be his announcement for his candidacy.

So, the new conversation question is why is he suddenly trying to become friends with current president, Donald Trump? West possibly trying ying to get help from Trump for his future presidential running.

Kanye seems to admire the way Trump thinks and gains supporters, so he very well may be trying to form this relationship with the president.

“It’s smart of him,” said junior Lena Gorev. “No one thought Trump would actually become president, but then he did. And no one thinks Kanye will become president as of right now, but once he starts working with the man that did it first, who knows what will happen.”

While many Kanye fans are upset with his announcement of supporting Trump, he is gaining the attention he was looking for, possibly enough to actually get him elected to office in the future.