The Legacy of Jennifer Campbell

Lena Gorev, Reporter

When Casey and Matty Campbell were picking a classroom to dedicate to their Aunt, Jennifer Campbell, they automatically knew that Room 204 would be the room. Room 204, mostly known to be Mr. Grasseschi’s room faces the quad, and has a “spirited quality to it, which were the two most important qualities they wanted to find.” stated Mrs. Beard. Mrs. Beard is a family friend and the head of the development office at Blanchet. With personally knowing the Campbell family she felt as if it was her duty to do this for them. Jennifer was a teacher and someone who loved to help children, with coming to Blanchet as a junior it was adjustment from her old school in California but she felt so welcomed and connected to Blanchet. She made her life long friends through Blanchet, her brother, Matthew Campbell, who came into Blanchet as a senior knew he had to do something for his sister. They raised 50,000 dollars to dedicate room 204 to his sister this previous June and had a gathering with Jennifer’s close friends and family on June 8th which happened to be her death date and nephew Matty Campbell’s graduation date, making June 8th a day to remember for the Campbell family and Blanchet community.