Construction on School Commons Delayed

Alex Levy

When Bishop Blanchet renovated the cafeteria and changing rooms, the construction was scheduled to be done in August, (before the 2018-2019 school year started,) but the construction on the Commons’ exterior continued into the school year due to delays.

The renovation project began during the 2017-2018 Christmas Break, and the interior Commons area was ready for use when this year started. However, exterior construction continued throughout the beginning of the school year. This was primarily due to problems getting materials for the construction, said School President Mr. Antonio DeSapio. Delays ordering replacements for broken parts took time, which stalled the project during July and pushed deadlines back.

The delays have caused minor inconveniences but, “things have gone safely, which is our first priority,” said DeSapio, adding that the student body has been respectful of both the workers on campus and the new spaces.

Construction is expected to finish by the time this article is printed.