When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go Review


Max Klauser, Reporter

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go Review

Seventeen-year-old Billie Eilish released her debut studio album on March 29 along with writing and production help from her brother Finneas O’Connell. Eilish, who grew popularity with her 2016 song “Ocean Eyes”, showed off her versatility in each of her tracks using styles for music lovers of every genre to enjoy. Eilish also became the first artist born in this millennium to have a #1 album with this project.

Here is a track by track rating out of 10 points based on lyrics, production, flow, and overall quality:

!!!!!!!: 2/10

The album starts with a 14-second introduction skit of Eilish and O’Connell laughing together. The skit seemed a bit unnecessary for the album but it had a smooth transition to the quick beat in the next song.


bad guy: 5/10

This song is among the more popular songs on the album due to the swift beat and her ASMR-type voice. Near the end of the song, the beat takes a 180 turn from soft and angelic to villainous and dark. There were also some strange lyrics from the 17 year old: “Might seduce your dad type.” Shouldn’t this kid be in class or something?


xanny: 7/10

If there’s one song on this album to listen to with headphones, this would be it. The bass- boosted beat bouncing from your left ear to your right just makes it that much better. One may assume based off the title that the song is about drugs, but it’s actually about how Eilish doesn’t need to take drugs to feel happy.


you should see me in a crown: 6/10

This song is a journey with twists and turns filled with a contrast between light and dark. The knives sharpening in the background and the beat that speeds up during the chorus makes it more and more intense.


all the good girls go to hell: 8/10

Up to this point in the album, this is the project’s best song with Eilish singing about her inner darkness as if it were a lullaby. The catchy refrain is easy to get caught in your head for the day along with a smooth bridge at the end of the song.


wish you were gay: 6/10

Eilish and O’Connell started writing this song with a number sequence counting down from six. The song has a basic refrain with creative verses but it ended with an awkward clapping outro that felt unnecessary to the song.


when the party’s over: 7/10

If you’re looking for a song to fall asleep to, this is the one. Eilish hits high notes in a soothing, slow tune to a quiet piano beat.


8: 4/10

The production in this song was decent but there wasn’t anything super special about the song as a whole. The song starts with an effect on Eilish’s voice to make her seem baby-like and the editing takes away from her talent. Nothing about this song made it stand out to make it above the rest.


my strange addiction: 9/10

For all of The Office fans out there, you’ll enjoy this one. It’s filled with snippets from the iconic episode, “Threat Level Midnight”. Her humming vocals in the chorus fit right into the beat. The only thing keeping this track from being a 10 is the bridge had an unfitting presence to the rest of the song.


bury a friend: 6/10

This is another one of the album’s hit songs that was released before the rest of the album. This song is a good example of what it’d sound like to turn a horror movie into a song from the dark lyrics to shrieking beat.


ilomilo: 4/10

This song wasn’t bad but it wasn’t unique compared to many of the other songs. It’s the most generic song on the album as well as one of the shortest songs with just over two and a half minutes on the track.


listen before i go: 5/10

This felt like an extra long interlude on the album with the slow piano background and a transition to the end of the album. She slowly sang a small vocabulary of lyrics in a course of over four minutes but her vocals in this song were better than in most of the album.


i love you: 9/10

Eilish’s vocals peaked on this song with a soft chorus over an acoustic guitar. The penultimate track helps bring the album to its conclusion as Eilish sings about the first time she ever fell in love.


goodbye: 7/10

The album comes to an end with a perfect melody of Eilish singing lyrics from songs building up to the outro. The track was concise and felt like a summary of everything on the album that had built up to that last song.


Overall: 6.1/10