Billie Eilish is the Bad Guy


Liam Tracey, Reporter

The Bishop Blanchet Miter takes an in-depth look at Billie Eilish’s  popular new album, Where Do We Go When We Fall Asleep

When thinking about the artist Billie Eilish, I never really saw her as anything but a singer who was  maybe an industry plant at some point in her early career.

Although surrounded by friends who loved and practically worshiped her,  I never really saw what exactly the hype was about.

Despite that, I decided to take a deeper look into her work and its overall aesthetic to understand why her following is so passionate.

After watching a few interviews, I found out that Eilish was not only writing her songs originally with her brother, but she was only 17 years old. That blew my mind due to the fact she is selling out shows and just played Coachella last weekend.

After finding out a few details about her past, I started examining her music.

Her newest and only album started out with a 11 second intro of her and her brother Finneas laughing about her removing her retainer before recording the tracks to follow.

This was surprisingly very humorous and completely caught me off guard considering how dark her music that I have heard tends to be. Then she goes into the song “bad guy” which was quite possibly one of the most interesting and unique beats I have heard on a track to this day.

For a 17 year old girl, she writes like someone who has experienced a lot of life.

“Bad guy” is truly a story. The song talks about how Eilish is the villain of her own story. She has no remorse in the relationships she shares with those around her and overall she is just the antagonist we never knew we needed.

This song blew me away due to the fact it’s written with a sneaky and evil demeanor almost rejecting her override sad aesthetic she projects.