Kube 93 Haunted House is full of screams, terror, and fun


Gigi Gallaudet

Do you crave fear? Is the  Halloween season your favorite time of year? If you find yourself feeling absence of fright in horror movies, the Kube 93 haunted house is the perfect fall event for you.

Popular among students, and guaranteed for a thrill, the Kube 93 haunted house is a way to experience real terror. Located at the Georgetown Morgue, this is an activity for those who seek adrenaline and laugh at danger.IMG_0096

Decked-out with gory ghosts and chainsaw-bearing clowns, actors make true horror a reality.  Complete with bouncing floors and walls dripping with fake blood, the already scary Georgetown Morgue gives a real scare. The entrance is made obvious by a giant gargoyle, leading up to the mystery within.

After waiting in line (VIP passes are available) it’s time to begin.  Single file, each group is lead in. The events that follow are unique to everyone.

The secrets of the haunted house will be left for you to discover, but it might be helpful to know what to expect.  With gory actors behind every corner, no one is safe.  This experience is built solely on suspense.  Just when you think you’ve finished with a particularly frightening hallway, be prepared to have a follower, or two breathing down your neck.

For those who enjoy feeling fear, the Kube 93 Haunted House at the Georgetown Morgue is an exhilarating stop.