Auf Wiedersehen Ms. Rembold

With student-favorite teacher Ms. Rembold leaving for Germany next year, we take a look at her 11-year career at Bishop Blanchet.

Max Klauser, Reporter

With the 2018-2019 school year coming to an end, many teachers are wrapping up their last year at Bishop Blanchet, including Ms. Annette Rembold who will be moving back to Germany next year.

Rembold has been a part of the Bishop Blanchet family since 2008 when she began substituting in the theology department. In 2009 she became a temporary counselor before teaching in 2010 for theology. In 2011 she started to teach math, and to this day she still teaches math and theology.

Rembold was born in California and raised in Germany, giving her a dual-citizenship to both countries. In order to earn her German pension for teaching, she must move back and teach there for at least two years.

In 2007, Rembold was granted a twelve-year leave to teach in America. She began teaching at Bishop Blanchet then next year, where she worked under seven principals in eleven years.

Having taught in both countries, Rembold sees vast differences between schools here and in Germany.

“I like the school spirit here,” said Rembold. “In Germany, we don’t have any of that. The energy is very different from here compared to Germany.”

Rembold is also very grateful for everything that she has learned from her students in her experience here.

“A big highlight in my career,” said Rembold. “has been in world religions when students shared about their other cultures with me. I have learned about many cultures and religions including Muslim, Jewish, different Chinese lifestyles, and Greek Orthodox.”

Rembold’s students also appreciate her positive attitude in the class.

“She’s always happy,” said junior Alex Oximana. “Her positivity is contagious and spreads like wildfire.”

Rembold’s classes are interactive and she gives students lots of opportunities to work together. She offers bonus quiz points while playing her famous game of “Math Bingo” with her math classes.

“She makes the class very interesting,” said senior Jaz Harvey. “She does a good job of integrating life skills into math and makes class fun.”

Rembold will be missed by her students and co-workers when she moves back to Germany. Her touching impact on the school will always be remembered by everyone here, especially all of her students.

Rembold teaches her Precalculus class about logarithmic functions. The class learned about the properties of logarithms.