Hailey Belfie: A True Brave

Dani Smith , Reporter

Many people may know Hailey Belfie as one of the “triplets” or the smiling cheerleader you see in the hallways, but there is more to her than just those things. If anyone knows Hailey or has interacted with her these last four years, most people will say something about how positive she is or how hardworking she’s shown to be.

As a part of the girls swim team for two years and a member of the Blanchet cheer squad this past year, Hailey has shown her Blanchet pride and spirit in everything she does. Whether it has been cheering on her fellow Braves in football and basketball games or encouraging her teammates to push through onto that next lap in swim team, Hailey is always there with a bright smile on her face. Fellow senior and swim team member Kitt McVey had a couple of words on the person Hailey is, and how she has impacted her these last four years.

“Hailey is one of the most hardworking people I know. Her tenacity and work ethic is impressive and I admire her constant kindness towards others”, said McVey.

With taking many AP and honors classes, being involved with after-school sports, and having an after-school job to balance, Hailey has a lot on her plate on a daily basis. Despite all that she may have, Hailey still manages to stay hard working, with her academic goals still being her number one priority. With very little sleep and many late nights, she stays grounded through her family and her two twin sisters. Having two sisters, Delaney and Annelise Belfie, that are also going through the same experiences, she has them to talk to and encourage her to keep going.

As stated by Hailey,  “Being hardworking is much more natural for me than being positive. My parents have taught me how to work hard my whole life and have always shown me what hard work looks like. One of my hopes in life is to always reach my goals, not through luck or through someone else’s work, but through my own determination and work ethic. This is why I am able to continue to work hard. Being positive comes from my sisters. Whenever I am too hard on myself or am stressed, they are always there to encourage me and push me to keep going.”

Hailey has shown and exemplified in her life how to be a Blanchet Brave in every action she does and goes about. By showing the qualities of being true in herself and actions, by treating every person the kindness they deserve from the bottom of her heart, and being brave in not being afraid to go after and pursue her goals, Hailey is what being a Brave looks like.