2019-2020 ASB is looking forward to a supportive and positive year.

Bailey Wolf, Reporter

This year’s ASB wants to put more of a  focus on having the whole school be more united, positive, and supportive towards people from all different walks of life.

The ASB is made up of five seniors; Maliko Madden (Co-President), Kate Yerkes (Co-President), Josh Marchand (Officer of Community Affairs), Quinn Mackay (Officer of Public Relations and Marketing), and Helena Dougherty (Officer of Sports and Spirit). 

At the Brave Welcome assembly, during an Avengers-themed video, they unveiled the theme for the school year: Brave Spirit; however, during the assembly classes began to boo other classes and right before dismissal  Madden made a short speech on what it means to be a Brave in response to the poor sportsmanship shown. 

Why did they pick Brave Spirit as a focus?

“We realized that in the last couple of years, there has been a slight negative energy that has become the norm”, said Kate Yerkes, “meaning that the students, in general, aren’t dressing up for spirit days,. They aren’t going to games, and aren’t always supporting each other in everything they do.”

The ASB wants to ensure more participation in dress up days, more attendance at football games, and more of a positive energy at assemblies.

“Our school has certainly had some problems with welcoming others and having an open mind over the years I’ve been here. Particularly last year,”  said Quinn Mackay.  “Our goal to renew the spirit is actually closer to a goal of unification, a goal of uniform spirit throughout not just each of classes individually, but linking them all together.”

The ASB is excited both for the new school year and for the class of 2023 to find their place at Blanchet.

While the transition from middle school to high school can be overwhelming and challenging for some, the ASB wants it to be as seamless and easy as possible.

“It’s awesome seeing the class of 2023 getting involved in sports and other extracurricular activities,”  said Madden, “I’m proud to see so many sophomores, juniors, and seniors encouraging and supporting them as they continue to make the transition from middle school to high school.” 

The ASB has worked hard since their election the previous spring  planning assemblies, tradition and homecoming week, and dances. So it makes sense that they want their hard work to pay off by all the classes enjoying themselves and being full of spirit.

“I am most looking forward to our future spirit assemblies,” said Dougherty 

At Blanchet and globally, there is a great concern about global warming, and the ASB has it its sights the “greening” of our camppus. 

“The main things I want to accomplish,” said Marchand,  “are getting recycling cans in more places throughout the school, and compost cans in the quad.”

It’s clear that the ASB has Blanchet’s best interest at heart. Making sure Tradition and Homecoming weeks are engaging and well organized, working towards a more eco-friendly environment, welcoming freshmen, and uniting the classes together are all priorities for the ASB members.