Girls season is off and running


Maya Quinanola

Mari Kamemoto, Reporter

The Bishop Blanchet Girls cross country team is working hard in hopes of returning to the State tournament. 

The team has been practicing for 3 weeks, 6 days a week to train for their upcoming season.

 “We meet in the quad before practice to do 6 minute ab workouts and push ups,” said junior Maria Einmo. “We jog down to Green Lake and sometimes go on our runs down there.” 

It is important to have a good team chemistry and bond, although you compete as an individual, your points count for the whole team. Being able to get to know each other can result in being supportive and encouraging while running. There is lots of time to be able to talk and get to know each other when running as a team. 

 “The team is awesome,” said junior, Frances Kent, “It’s a great way to get involved in the Brave community and is a very social sport.”

Bishop Blanchet girls cross country started their season with a Braves 5k Race; and competed in the 21st Bellarmine invite. This invite is run by Bellarmine Preparatory High School in Tacoma and was directed by a Bishop Blanchet Alumni, Coach Matt Ellis. The Girls Cross Country Varsity team ran a 2 mile race and placed 3rd overall out of 17 other high schools. This meet will be the start of very many successful meets to come.