Boy’s Cross Country Starts Off Strong

Valentina Staunovo, Reporter

Boys Cross Country started their season off with a bang. Training throughout the summer, the boys finally made it to their first meet, the Bellarmine Invitational race. The boys intensive training clearly paid off at this race. 

The Varsity boys, won the race for the first time since 2006, with every single one placing in the top 25 of everyone in the race. Impressive! Following them, the junior and senior runners placed 3rd in the meet. Subsequently, the freshman runners placed 9th. A great way to kick off their high school career. The sophomores then placed 10th. 

With a successful first meet, Coach Albes feels as if it was “a really good start to the season for the team.” With the results of this meet, the team should have a strong and exciting season ahead of them and continue to get better as the season continues.