Cross Country Coach, Mr. Albes, Speaks on Boy’s Season

Valentina Staunovo, Reporter

The boy’s cross country team kicked off the dust and officially began their season for this year.

 Hard at work, the boys practice Monday-Saturday as well as having practiced throughout the summer.

 “Coach O’Leary and I,” said Mr. Thomas Albes, “are both pretty happy with the training that the top 14 put in throughout the summer and through the first three weeks of the season.”

This leaves both coaches confident and enthusiastic about what is to come on the team’s first invitational of the season, which is being held on September 14th. “The season as a whole should be a fun season for us,” said Albes. 

As the new runners are beginning, and the old are getting back into the swing of things, the team is wasting no time. The boys run anything from three miles a day, to the once a week “long-run” practice of up to a shocking 14 miles for the top runners. These long distances are not where it ends for the runners, as there are also other workouts mixed into their practices. With all of this training, Coach Albes expresses that he is “excited to watch them develop throughout the season.” 

The boys have proven great ability and potential and have done the work to prepare for the season. It should be an impressive season for Braves cross country!