Victory of Varsity Volleyball

Nicole Needham, Reporter

The Bishop Blanchet Varsity Volleyball Team has been prospering this year. They are led by captains Erin Droppelman and Hana McFarlane. The team has yet to lose to another team with an outstanding record of 6-0.


 The team made this possible by practicing everyday at Blanchet from 6-8. The team dedicates all their time to the sport when they are not focused on their academics which is the most important aspect for them as students. 


Team captain, Hana McFarlane, is a strong right side hitter who assists in leading the team to victory every game. She is full of talent and is great at spiking. “The team consistently encourages each other and want to see each other succeed, not just as a team, but also as individuals,” said McFarlane. 


The girls know that they have to encourage each other for them to succeed and they are doing an amazing job at that. Every player has been involved with volleyball for many years and know that it’s important to put all their energy and effort into every game and even practice. Success if hard earned for these girls. 


Middle back, Kaitlin Flinn, has been playing on varsity since her sophomore year, She is now a senior and is enjoying her last year as a Brave. Volleyball is at the center of her life and she is very hopeful and confident the season will continue to be a successful one for the team. “I have cherished every moment on this team and I truly believe that we will continue our winning streak,” said Flinn. 


As they take on Blanchet’s rival, Seattle Prep, on October 1st, everyone is confident it will be a challenging but successful win. The game will take place at Bishop Blanchet and start at 7pm.