JVC Volleyball defeats Eastside Catholic with one spike

Ava Lewis, Reporter

The JVC volleyball team had another outstanding victory, defeating Eastside Catholic by a score of 3-0 on Thursday October 3rd. 

The girls scored many points during the match and kept the momentum going resulting in a clean sweep.

 “It was a pretty easy game,” said Ellie Vizzare. “We all played well throughout the matches and the outside hitters had a lot of good skills.”

The competition was not as tough during this match, and the team did not feel as challenged, but that didn’t stop them from playing their best and conquering.

“We didn’t play down to their level,” said Hi’ilei Leong. “We kept up our energy and were able to gain the points to win.”

The team worked in harmony and created sound plays that really showed the bond the team has built with each other. The outside hitters Hi’ilei Leong, Stella Beadouin and Fiona Cunnane had some amazing kills, knocking the other team off their feet.