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  • August 25Faculty and Staff orientation takes place on August 24-26 with NINE NEW faces.
  • August 25August 28 is the second day of Brave Welcome Orientation for Incoming 9th Graders
  • August 25August 27 is the first day of Brave Welcome Orientation for Incoming 9th Graders
  • August 25August 31 is Senior Orientation. The morning is online, and the afternoon is a quick visit to school

Ava Lewis, Reporter

Ava Lewis, a senior at Bishop Blanchet, is the newest reporter to be added to the team. She is very excited for her first year as a journalist. Ava loves to take photos and enjoys reading and writing. She gets most of her information from The New York Times, National Geographic, The Seattle Times and CNN News. She likes to stay updated on what's going on around the world just as much as she likes staying updated in her school community and with friends. The school newspaper is a great way for her to stay updated on big events going around the school and know what’s coming up next.

Ava is an active hiker, runner, traveler, and horseback rider and loves to show what she's done with the world and is always open to new adventures.

She hopes that all her hard work from this year of being a journalist will impact the lives of others in a strong way by encouraging them to branch out of their comfort zones and seek their talents and learn to bed open to adventure. She is hoping to write about fun trips that the school has open to kids in the summertime and create wonderful stories that make kids that didn’t get a chance to go feel like they were right there with the whole group.


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Ava lewis