Deutscher Club Feiert Deutschland (German Club Celebrates Germany)

Ava Lewis, Reporter

German club at Blanchet is full of educational activities that keep the members engaged and entertained. Each year the Club goes to Leavenworth to get an understanding of the culture and  people that work and live there, along with trying many different German foods. 

 Many of the activities they get to do include watching  the parade of many German folks, eat German food and go shopping in all the cute shops. 

 “It was really fun to just get to walk around and do your own thing with your friends” said senior Tait Rowley.

The group is planning on many more trips and events during the new year. This includes another trip to Leavenworth during the German parade time. 

“I am excited to go back to Leavenworth and try some more of their amazing German food and see all of the women in beautiful dresses,” said senior Kayla Richardson. 

An upcoming event for the German club is called “Krampusnacht” happening on December 13. This is a Christmas haunted house based around the German folklore of Krampus.  Unlike the Jolly Santa the United States celebrates, this is an evil version of Santa Claus who terrorizes kids for being naughty. This Santa is to be feared!

“ I can’t wait to go to Krampusnacht, it’s going to be super fun!” said senior Tait Rowley.

German week is always a festive time at Blanchet. Each day there is a fun theme and activity for the whole school to participate in, even if they are not in the club. Students may experience Germany by dressing in costume or in colors of the German flag,purchasing German goodies at a bake sale, eating bratwursts, and ending the week by entering the cafeteria that is turned into a discotech. 

“I loved making a new recipe of German pretzels and getting to wear a new dirndl” said senior Justine Spyridis.