Addams Family Making Its Way to Show Time

Over the many years Bishop Blanchet has been functioning, they have created a drama program that puts on many incredible musicals that helps to inspire and help young students find their talents and be able to express them on stage through musical theater.


Ava Lewis, Reporter

Bishop Blanchet High School’s Drama Program is proud to introduce the musical The Addams Family, which will make its debut on stage in May. The cast and crew have been working hard in rehearsals to make sure the actors feel confident in their characters, the musical numbers are perfected, and the set and props are completed to create a fantastic show for the audience. 

“We are wrapping up Act 1, which is about Wednesday Addams introducing her boyfriend to the Addams family”, said senior Bella Fontaine. “We’ve choreographed some big dance numbers and done some scenes that really helped the story develop. We have also started some vocal rehearsals and costume fitting and are about to start creating Act 2 in the next week or so”.

The cast spends many hours and days making things perfect. The rehearsal process is quite intense with rehearsals on  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, while the various crews operate at different times during the week. 

  “The Addams Family is a musical that’s really about family and celebrating our uniqueness”. said Senior Cate Brewer. “ It’s a lot about love, romantically, platonically, and especially familially”.

Along with the acting and stage work, the makeup and costume designers have been creating unique and impressive garments and looks to accompany the show. They are working hard to create a musical that will wow the audience.

“I do love participating in this musical!” said senior Bella Fontaine. 

 “Everyone is so kind to each other and it’s such a great community of people coming together to create a piece of art. I’m really excited to see how this play progresses”.