Futures Decided


Photo/Grace Kindred

Gracie Kindred, Editor

It’s that time of year and sadly, the school year is quickly coming to an end. But new beginnings are right around the corner. This year Bishop Blanchet says goodbye to the senior class of 2023. 

It is safe to say that this class has most definitely been through the ringer. A year of their high school experience being taken away, quarantine, then going to school still feeling like they’re in a quarantine, canceled dances, sports being taken away, and much more. The strength, perseverance and love these seniors represent day after day is seen by all, especially the underclassman. And that is yet another thing about the class of 2023, they are born leaders. This class is special to Blanchet, and forever will be. 

Decision Day is an exciting day for not only this school but schools across the country. Seniors wear their gear from the college they will be attending. Sweatshirts of all schools and colors parading the hallways and classrooms. It’s a special day for seniors to announce their new path, but also to see where their peers are headed next. Decision Day is a day filled with pride and pure joy. “It was a surreal feeling to see all my peers’ futures right in front of my eyes and to be overcome with emotion knowing we were all going to be gone in a month,” senior Sadie Mellroth said.

This day is most definitely geared for the seniors, however it is also for all the teachers who brought them to this final high school chapter, the parents who have supported them through it all, coaches, tutors and the entire Blanchet community. This day is a celebration of the good that is to come. Some view it as the start of a hard goodbye, however true that may be, there are many more smiles than tears. “It was so bittersweet to see all my friends making their decisions for next year. I was so overwhelmed with pride,” said senior Charlotte Gallaudet.

Senior Sly Marona made a fun Tiktok that featured a large percentage of the senior class. It was a very cool video of all the seniors saying their name and the college they will attend, all while showing off their gear. Excitement from the video jumps through the screen and leaves viewers with a smile. It was a lovely feature on Blanchet’s Instagram page, go check out the “2023” highlight @bishopblanchet.

As the last month rolls in with our seniors, it is important to cherish the time they and the Blanchet community have remaining. That includes everyone, not just the class of 2023. “Senioritis” is an epidemic but remember, you’re only in high school once, make the best of it while you’re here. This month there are many big events for the seniors, although it will be busy, it will be incredibly memorable.

Goodbyes are hard. But this goodbye is a positive one, it’s a sendoff into each student’s future. After walking with them through the hardships, whether academic, athletic or emotional, it is time to send them into the world. The class of 2023 will undoubtedly be missed. Bishop Blanchet encourages them to come back and visit anytime! They are always welcome to come back home.