Betty Serves Fancy Take Out During Quarantine

Betty’s kitchen is working hard during this quarantine to make sure their customers are pleased and happy along with getting food.

Ava Lewis, reporter

During the outbreak of COVID 19, restaurants are having a difficult time with the “stay at home order”; however the Betty’s restaurant on Queen Anne has been thriving through quarantine. 

Betty’s staff has done a nice job transitioning from dine-in establishment to takeout. 

When arriving on Queen Anne, the parking outside the restaurant was packed and the line to pick up pre-ordered meals was out the door. The Betty’s staff was organized and had all the pickup orders set out so each person could get their food, with distance from others. 

Betty has adapted to COVID 19 by creating a take out, do it yourself menu. The dishes are made the day before and frozen, and baked at home. Once baked, the food smelled fresh and savory, to the delight of my entire family.
We ordered the ravioli dish with the red sauce, and our order included a rhubarb tart and carrot cake. Food was yummy!

Betty has also been creating weekly specials with new menu items to add excitement to customers. 

All family members agreed that it was delicious, was ready in a timely manner, and tasted just as good as eating in the restaurant. Every bite tasted delicious and fresh.

I will definitely order from them again very soon, and I highly recommend the Betty COVID 19 take out menu to anyone who wants  some comfort food and the best quality take out dining experience.