Braves Give Big Again

Each year our Brave community gets together to make a family in need christmas wishes come true. We do this by creating a Christmas basket full of  goodies the members put on their lists but also of some necessary things the family needs. 

Ava Lewis, Reporter

It’s that time of year for the Brave community to come together to create beautiful and loving bundles of presents to give to families in need so they may celebrate this holiday season.

This is a moment in time when students have an opportunity to express Blanchet’s motto of “Be true, Be kind and Be brave”. In truth, Blanchet students are fortunate in our life situations, and we have family and other loved ones to appreciate for that.

It is up to us to take the opportunity and pay it forward to show kids and families in need the true meaning of Christmas. That is where “Be kind” comes in, and as proven by the success of prior years’ family giving campaigns, Braves have big hearts because this comes easy to Blanchet students.

To “Be brave” in this situation isn’t about sports and winning, it is even more challenging; it is about putting down our own armor and coming together, showing compassion and working together so many families can be the winners this holiday season. If they win, so do we.

“I believe it is a good way to give back to those in need,” said Mia Jones. “People in our world really need the materials that we have more than we need.” 

Each CP is given a family that is in need of help and support during the holidays. The students in the CP try to supply the family with items on their wish list. 

“As a community we are to use our resources to give back to others who don’t have the items we take for granted,” said Justine Spyridis. 

It is about being creative with the wish list. Some items may be large, such as a computer, and a Brave family finds a way to refurbish an older one for them. Other items may be fun such as a child’s toy or game.  

Finally, other items are practical requests from a parent, such as a new backpack, but Brave students make it more fun for the child by filling it with fun surprises.

 Many of us don’t realize that there are people in our world who are suffering, starving, or just feeling alone. It’s not only our job to show those people in our communities that they are loved but that we care about them. 

Our goal here at Blanchet during our CP classes is to make a magical Christmas basket full of goodies just like the things we get on the morning of Christmas at our own homes.

The Brave community creates these wonderful gifts by coming together as a team, and then dividing into smaller work groups in order to cover all the members in the family.

An ASB officer sums up project and its meaning, 

“I really enjoy the project of putting together baskets for families that are in need.” said Maliko Madden. “It’s really important to express our motto to be true, kind, and brave,  and in order for us to do that, we should have some actions showing our work.”