Ping Pong Club Meets Its Main Goal of Fun

Over the years Bishop Blanchet has created many clubs to get students branching out to new opportunities. One of the clubs that met that goal was the Ping Pong club. This club allowed students to participate in a school activity that is fun and a great way for meeting new people.

Ava Lewis, Reporter

 The Ping Pong club was established by students at Bishop Blanchet to provide a fun activity for students to learn and participate in as well as compete with each other in a pressure free atmosphere.

 The club’s primary focus is to create a welcoming environment where students can feel part of a group. The club typically gathers on Thursdays from 2:45-4:00pm and the meet in the common area in front of Mr. Bocian’s office.

In addition to weekly group gatherings and ping pong games, the club holds tournaments for fun and fundraising a couple times a year and participates in charity events. One popular tournament is held during tradition week at Bishop Blanchet. The successful service events include the Turkey Tourney during Thanksgiving and the March Madness Competitions which involve the entire school. 

The club is great for just relaxing and competing with friends once a week and it makes the experience very enjoyable”, said senior John Skinner. 

  The mission the Ping Pong Club created is to make sure all their members have a good time and feel like they are an active part of the team. The club provides an opportunity for students to gain new experiences and to bring people together who are interested in learning a new activity along with meeting new people. The club is open to all Bishop Blanchet students and individuals may join at any time during the school year. 

I like ping pong because it’s very chill and just fun to play with each other,” said Josh Marchand. “I see the ping pong club most likely disappearing after this year, but hopefully enough people continue it on!”