Braves Hike Best

Over the years Bishop Blanchet has created many clubs to get students branching out to new opportunities. The Hiking Club is one of the clubs that’s totally reaches out to the new opportunities. We included this club because it was a way for students to get out into nature with friends and go explore.

Ava Lewis, Reporter

The Hiking Club is a group of students who gather to explore the outdoors. The club brings people with extraordinarily diverse backgrounds and interests, yet they all share a common curiosity about the great outdoors. 

“We do a variety of activities such as bouldering, hiking and snowshoeing and have been on about four hikes this year, said senior Anna Dingfield “Who wouldn’t want to spend the day with Quinn Mackay, our fearless leader?”. 

The most recent hike to Granite Mountain was on November 23, 2019. The trail led the group above the snow line where they enjoyed a beautiful view and captured amazing photos.

The Hiking Club helps members become educated about the wildlife and plant life Washington has to offer. 

“Hiking Club is really fun and has a group of people that love to go on adventures in the Pacific Northwest, said Cate Brewer “We go on captivating hikes and get a chance to meet new classmates or socialize with old friends”.

 It is also a good opportunity to gain new experiences and for students to find an activity they enjoy during their free time, get a work out, and nourish the soul. 

“Hiking Club is all about hiking and adventuring, said Quinn Mackay “but now that I am president, I have turned it into a whole lot more. Sure, we still do hikes, but this year we have even branched out to rock climbing, snowshoeing, and hopefully an overnight backpacking trip”.