Momiji keeps its afford up and takes on the quarantine like a champ

Ava Lewis, Journalist

During this tragic outbreak of COVID 19, restaurants are having a difficult time adjusting to the “stay home” order, however the sushi restaurant, Momiji has been thriving through quarantine. The Momiji experience features high quality food that makes customers’ mouths water in a vibrant dining atmosphere. Momiji figured a way to pack the experience in a “to go” box so they can give customers an evening to look forward to while keeping staff employed. When arriving on Capitol Hill, parking near the restaurant was packed and the line to pick up pre-ordered meals was out the door. The Momiji staff was organized and had all the pickup orders set out so each person could get their food safely, with distance from others. 

The food smelled fresh and savory, to the delight of my entire family. All family members agreed that it was delicious, was ready in a timely manner, and tasted just as good as eating in the restaurant. Our meal consisted of Yakisoba, spicy tuna roll, Casino Royale, and the poke roll.  Each roll was neatly organized in a box with a generous amount of wasabi and ginger on the side and soy sauce available at the restaurant. Every bite tastes delicious and fresh with a melt-in-your-mouth experience. I will definitely order from them again very soon and I highly recommend Momiji’s COVID 19 take out menu to anyone who loves sushi and wants the best quality for a take out dining experience.