Braves Victory at Lower Woodland Park

Natasha Kaimakis, Reporter

The Bishop Blanchet Boys Cross Country Team keeps their season strong with their victory over Seattle Prep and O’Dea. On Thursday, October 3, the boys ran throughout Lower Woodland dominating their competitors.  


“This cross country race was one of my favorites,” said junior Jeremy Freiburger. “I improved my time, which is always great.”


Many of the top 35 racers improved their time too.  With the season starting out strong, the attitude toward the upcoming year is terrific. Together they boys motivated each other to work harder and strive for better times. Even though cross country may be considered an independent sport, in reality your team makes a major difference. With support from their fellow athletes, the braves became stronger and faster. 


“This year, we have some great athletes,” said junior Rowan Rathbun. “The season is coming off to a great start.” 


The Braves scored 24 points, the O’Dea with 49 and Seattle Prep with 52 points. The Braves have started off the season strong, due to hard work and motivation. 

Maya Quinanola