Varsity Volleyball Faces the Long Road to State

Nicole Needham, Reporter

The Bishop Blanchet Varsity Volleyball team has exceeded expectations. They are now in metros and they hope to make it to districts, one step closer to state. 

Unfortunately, the team suffered a setback when their middle, Annika Kinerk (who’s a sophomore), sprained her ankle. The whole team was devastated when they heard the news that she couldn’t return for the rest of the season. With the prospect of state looming over them, the team was on edge about what they would do without her. 

Thankfully the team kept it together and formulated a plan. Junior, Ana Sanchez, stepped in to replace Annika as middle and has not disappointed. Olivia Twilley, senior libero, gushes over her ability to take the challenge head on. 

“Ana really saved the team, she stepped up to the plate and we’re all so grateful,” said Twilley. 

The adaptability the girls have shown is tremendous. They don’t linger on the problems they face, they find a solution and make it work. 

With the monumental metros game against East Side Catholic, on November 9, rapidly approaching they have to keep calm and be confident in their decisions and teamwork. A lot of pressure is on the girls since this game decides whether they go to districts or not.

For the senior players this game brings up a lot of emotions. Knowing that they’ll never be able to play on the team again is hard for them to accept. Although they are focused on the positive and won’t let that fact get in their heads. 

“It’s definitely nerve-wracking to know that if we don’t win, our season is over and that means it’s my last game at Bishop Blanchet. With that said, I have total faith in my team and God so whatever happens, happens.” said senior Claire Ramquist. 

As the season nears the end, the team understands that all they can do is play with the same amount of vigor they’ve been showing all year. Volleyball is more than just winning state, it’s about unity and working together as a team to be successful and enjoy every second. 

  The 2019 Varsity Volleyball team have proved their strength as a whole time and time again and they will be put to the test when facing East Side Catholic. No matter the outcome, the team has made Bishop Blanchet proud and represented the school in the best light possible.