Girls Swimming Update

Enya Pooler, Reporter

As the 2019 Girls Swim season wraps up, the team will be heading to Metro Prelims and Finals on the first and second of November. The team has grown incredibly close, and they are striving to continue the season with strength and resilience. 

The Blanchet Swim Team has progressed amazingly so far this season. Many of the girls are continuing to get better times and improving tremendously. With the season beginning in the Fall, there have been a lot of new members to the team, including the new freshman who are very committed to the team. Mentally and physically, everyone on the team has had incredible improvement from the beginning of the year until now.

One of the Blanchet said junior Sofia Nyberg, who has joined the swim team, says how “Through metros and districts,” said junior Sofia Nyberg,  “it has been incredible to watch the team improve. Ella Haskins beat her own school record, and others, including Ella, made it to State” Nyberg says.

The Swim Team, however is losing one of the most cherished members. Coach Mike McCloskey. “He is one of the best coaches ever,” says Nyberg. “Our Coach is retiring this year and we will miss him, but we are looking forward to meeting our new coach.” 

Even with the changes next season, the girls agree to say that this season is unforgettable and will forever make an impact to their years here at Bishop Blanchet. 

“This season is unforgettable, with dropped times, swimmers making it to state, karaoke on the bus rides, and making new friends as well as strengthening my older friendships” said Nyberg.

Nyberg’s goals for the future with swimming at Bishop Blanchet are to make it to state her senior year, and know everyone’s name on the team! She also says how no matter the skill, experience, swim team is a really great experience for everyone on all levels. The team supports each other, and has fun. 

From junior Ella Haskins as well as Sofia Nyberg, both say how much swim has impacted their Bishop Blanchet experience and has created an amazing start for the Junior year. 

Hakins says; “Swimming is my life,” says Haskins, “and being on the Bishop Blanchet team has helped me enjoy it even more.”

 As the season comes to an end, Blanchet is excited to see the swim team continue into State and see them grow even more as a team. Every member of the team was content throughout the season, excited for this year, and looking forward to growing their friendships as they are now one big family.