Bishop Blanchet Fell Drastically 27 to 0

Ava Alan, Reporter

     The Bishop Blanchet Varsity football team played O’Dea High School on Friday, September 27th and it was a rainy, cold night at Mickey Naish Field but fans still filled the stands to watch the game. Against the Fighting Irish, Bishop Blanchet Braves fell drastically 27 to 0. It was a tough loss for the Braves with seven of their starters out and they were also coming back from a big loss against Kennedy Catholic last Friday. Junior Sean Harman played well in his new position as right tackle. Junior Tyler Kormon, tight end, pushed himself and played well having many tackles against O’Dea. 

    “I stayed motivated during the game because I never lost hope that we were going to make a comeback,” said Kormon.

“It was also motivating watching my teammates continue to give it their all and stick together.”

     Does this loss affect the team’s next games especially following a crushing loss to Kennedy Catholic the week before? What are the Braves planning to bring to the field against their next opponent? 

    Senior Captain Jack Jarvis, was optimistic. “I think this game helped show us how to contend with two of the best teams in the state on defense,” said Jarvis. “We are planning to bring just a lot of aggression and smash mouth playing against the next teams we play.”

      The Brave’s next game is at home against Rainier Beach.