Feminism Club Host Soccer Legend Stephanie Spiekerman


Spiekerman shares her incredible story to Feminism Club!

Natasha Kaimakis, Reporter

In mid-November feminism club hosted Stephanie Spiekerman, a former Bishop Blanchet student, she shared her experience as a college and professional athlete.

Spiekerman grew up as a multi-sport athlete, being successful at both track and soccer. She also played on a club team in Seattle all year round throughout her life.

She shared her experiences of getting recruited to Seattle University as well as a professional team in Japan.

Spiekerman encouraged students at Blanchet to pursue their sport in college, as well as their intended degree. 

“It was very inspiring hearing her story,” said Junior Elly Berger, “It made me want to pursue a sport more.” 

Spiekerman  pursued her EMT degree after she went to Japan to play soccer professionally.

She went on to say that there were more men than women in the profession she was in, but that didn’t stop her from achieving her goal.

She shared her struggles and failures along with victories of being an athlete, student, and a woman.