Making Room For Everyone

Nicole Needham , Reporter

Bishop Blanchet has the goal, as a Catholic school, to make the community as inclusive and open minded as possible and to fight for equality.

Diversity Club strives to always accomplish this by meeting every other week on Wednesdays to discuss social issues, celebrate all cultures and plan fun events for not just the members but the whole school community. 

The club is open to people of all races, genders and sexualities. It’s an environment which focuses on communication to help people feel accepted and safe. 

Senior club leader, Wintana Negash, made it her personal mission to grow the inclusivity of the club.  

We try to bring in every cultural background,” said Negash,“and that it’s a safe space for students to come and talk about the things they have dealt with.”

Living in a society where differences in identity can cause discrimination and prejudice makes it hard for people to be confidant in who they are. Having a group of support is extremely important to build off one another’s strength and overcome the acts of injustice which many have unfortunately experienced.