All Sports Stopped due to Coronavirus


Mari K

Enjoying T-Mobile Park from the outside

Mari Kamemoto, Reporter

The Corona Virus has affected many people in many different ways including, professional sports teams, athletes, and fans.

Due to the coronavirus, most professional sports have been cancelled to limit the spread of the virus. Many people around the United States and around the world are disappointed by the news of their favorite sports being cancelled this year. 

Many companies are taking big losses by deciding to cancel these seasons including broadcasting companies, commercial sponsorships, and game day revenue (ticketing). As well as the athletes themselves lives are hugely impacted by the coronavirus. Athletes from all levels have been preparing and training for seasons that have been postponed or cancelled. 

“I am really disappointed that all the professional sports are cancelled, especially the MLS,” said Rowan Rathbun. “I am sad about Blanchet Soccer being cancelled as well.”

Most of the Major League sports have been cancelled or postponed. Some of those sports include Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NFL, and MLS. One of the major events that has been postponed due to the coronavirus is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

The 2020 Olympics was set for this summer, but because of all of the cases and deaths worldwide it was unfortunately postponed until 2021. Many athletes from all over the world have been training their whole lives to compete and represent their country in the Olympics. More locally there are many people who are not able to practice and compete at their spring sport during this time. Many sport seasons for high school and college have been cancelled to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

“I practice volleyball by hitting the ball against the wall and it helps keep my skills up,” said Taija Pedersen. “I also like to do self workouts to keep myself in shape.” 

This news for most athletes is disappointing, but there are many ways to keep in shape and practice during quarantine. Many people are working out in their own homes, running and getting outside, and doing their own practice with siblings or other family members.