The Creative Way to Seeing Friends and Family Face-To-Face During Quarantine.


Natasha Kaimakis

Teens meet at Washington Middle School parking lot to talk face-to-face

Natasha Kaimakis, Reporter

Many people across the United States are figuring out ways to see one another while maintaining social distancing. The majority of the nation is under lockdown or social distancing. Many people have figured out ways to keep in contact with their loved ones while abiding by the rules. One method is “car circles”.

You can find many people gathering in parking lots, to meet with family and friends. While maintaining six feet apart and staying in their cars, people can have a face-to-face conversation. Drivers align their vehicles in a circle to face one another. They usually sit in the trunk to see each other. People typically bring snacks, blankets, and more. 

“It is nice seeing my friends again,” said Sara King. “I have not seen any of them for over a month, and having an in-person conversation makes things back to normal again.”

Many Seattlites have been participating as well. You can find most people at public parks, school parking lots, church parking lots, and more. 

Several people believe this is not an adequate form of social distancing. Some say germs can linger in the air, which would make others contaminated. Others believe that by being in the same radius, they will ultimately come in contact with one another. 

Junior Lauren Lindblad says, “At the beginning, I thought it was fine, but the more I learned about quarantine and corona, the less I liked it.” 

Car circles are a great way to see friends and family face-to-face while practicing social distancing.