How COVID-19 is Locking Up Our Childern!


Ava Alan, Reporter

COVID19 has affected everyone and has been difficult for all; however, for the younger children in the world who may not fully understand what is happening in the world it must be confusing and hard for them as well. 

With parks closing and not being able to go to school, socializing for these children is not happening. Children have many reasons for wanting to be in school: seeing friends, being in a safe community, having meals provided for them, like school lunch, ect.

Not having the ability to go to school is frustrating for them and their families. Imagine being seven years old during this time and not knowing why you can’t go to school or see your friends? Six year old Jasper said, “ I miss my teacher and my friends.”

Yes, it is more stressful for adults who have lost their jobs, seniors in high school who are missing out on one of the most memorable and significant times in their lives, and businesses who are losing money, but being older gives them a better understanding of what is going on. 

A child isn’t able to fully understand why they can’t see grandma or other special people in order to protect them from getting sick. Seven year old Charlie thinks, “ I don’t feel sick so I want to play.” 

They are also not getting the best kind of education because their parents have to work or might not be able to homeschool them as well as their teachers in class. All of their activities have closed and they are at home just waiting. Families and their communities have tried to help entertain the children by finding small ways to keep them happy. People are placing teddy bears for people who are walking outside to find while they are walking by. Also some people are painting rocks and leaving positive messages on them for the kids to find while they are outside.  We should all stay positive to help them through this unusual time.