Hoping to Say Her Goodbyes

With no certainty of seeing her class together again, Katerina Winge may miss out by pursuing her dream

Enya Pooler, Reporter

Coming into this year, the seniors had huge expectations. Prom, Graduation, Senior Night, reaching their goals for spring sports and spending as much time with their fellow peers before the year came to an end.
These things are supposed to make memories that they would remember forever. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has taken most of those opportunities away for seniors throughout the world.
Senior Katerina Winge, who has attended Bishop Blanchet since freshman year, speaks out on how this has affected her and the rest of her year.
Winge, however, is not an average senior, since she will be attending the American College of Dublin. The experience she’s had traveling throughout her life has allowed her to see places profoundly and wanted to participate in somewhere she could start a new chapter of her life.
“To me life is more than just one country,” said Winge. “I don’t believe you can truly figure out who you are until you see how others live.”
How will this experience change her life with COVID-19 taken in place? Many seniors were affected by this change, and Winge is trying her best to reach out to her peers because she has to leave much earlier to get settled in a new country.
Winge explains the concerns of her future.
“Who would have thought my last day at Blanchet would be on an average Wednesday,” said Winge. “It breaks my heart coming to the fact that I will be across the world without saying goodbye to my teachers or having the high school experience we are supposed to have.”
Due to the uncertainty around the coronavirus, Winge’s future is up in the air.
“Not only has my senior year been cut short,” said Winge, “I don’t know if I will be able to travel to my future college next fall.”
To the seniors traveling to their college, like Winge, we hope that they can get to their future, and COVID-19 will clear up people’s lives-the the ones harmed, and the ones who have been let down tremendously.