Communities Coming Together During COVID19

Ava Alan, Reporter

Covid-19 has disrupted the lives of many people, especially the elderly and those with compromised immune systems and people are coming up with creative ways to deal with the new regulations on social situations. 

Not everyone is able to go out in public because of Covid-19. Many elderly people can not go to stores they usually would go to because of health risks and so they are depending on family members or neighbors to bring them food, medicine and supplies.  If that isn’t an option, then they have to take risks. Unfortunately, masks and scarves are not a guarantee of safety for those who have weaker immune systems. Grocery stores have been doing a good job limiting a certain amount of people allowed in the stores at once as well as cleaning carts, and keeping the line for check out six feet apart. Some stores have certain hours that are for seniors to shop to avoid the crowds and germs.

Quarantine has made some people realize their neighbor’s health is not as strong as their own so by doing little things to help it makes a big difference on how the quarantine lifestyle is for many people.  

One young family, the Nelsons, have taken over their elderly neighbor Ruth’s grocery list and shops for her online with their own order, because she is not comfortable with online shopping.

“We were just thinking about how lucky we are that we are healthy and can get our groceries so easily” said Sarah Nelson, when we realized she wasn’t as familiar with her options, we just added her items to ours and we dropped them off on her porch. My ten year old son loves to deliver her bag,” said Sarah Nelson.

Other families have checked in with their elderly neighbors and just visited with social distancing rules to keep them from feeling lonely. Ann who is staying away from her grandchildren and social activities like golfing and lunch with friends feels very lonely.  

 “I just go for walks around the neighborhood, said Ann, and stop and talk to anyone who will visit. One lady was just sitting in a chair the other day and waved at me and said she needed to talk,” said Ann.

Covid-19 quarantine will hopefully come to an end soon, but until then people are doing their best to figure out ways to get through this together as a healthy caring community.