Teens Turn to Netflix to Pass Time

Netflix is putting out it’s constant stream of new tv shows, movies, and documentaries, which of it’s biggest quarantine hits can you skip and which our must watches?

Bailey Wolf, Reporter

While we adjust to our new lifestyle many people are turning to popular streaming service Netflix to help them forget about some of our current struggles and focus on more lighthearted things. 

Netflix has been releasing new content as scheduled during quarantine but way more people are watching and reacting to it. Series are being binge watched in a day or less due to lighter workload and lax sleeping schedules. This brings the question which shows and movies are actually worth watching and which can be skipped?

Tiger King is a seven episode documentary series about the owners and lifestyles of exotic big cat owners. It was released on March 20th, 2020 about a week after Washington state shut down, causing everyone from parents to celebrities to talk about and make memes centered around the show. The show features many strange characters and storylines that draw you in. It is like a reality show in documentary form, every person it featured probably deserves their own documentary about their backstory. The earlier episodes feel like a comedic look at the backwoods community of exotic animal zoos and their owners but as the show goes on it takes a harder look at murder for hire plots, animal abuse, and drug addiction. The purest people in the show at the end seemed to be the people that suffered the most, while the villains were able to preserve. Overall, it was a ⅗ because it did not deliver a satisfying ending, and it took on a depressive theme as it went on. 

Outerbanks is a ten episode teen drama about a goonie style treasure hunt in a wealth divided waterfront community in North Carolina. The show follows a group of four tight knit friends and their mission to locate 400 million dollars in gold with a series of clues left behind by the protagonist’s father who was lost at sea in his pursuit of the money. While there were many funny one liners and heartwarming moments among the group, there was also heavier themes with characters suffering from child abuse and murder happening along the way to the gold. The show might seem like the most realistic look at the typical life of a teenager, but if you look past the fighting and police chases, you see how a lot of teens feel about their friends; that they are their chosen family. The show showed an ideal summer adventure with a convenient removal of technology and even though it wasn’t the ending that was wanted, the cliffhanger set the series up for multiple seasons. Overall it was a 5/5, it had an awesome soundtrack and the cast all developed friendships with one another outside of the show which really shine through in the chemistry of the characters.