Big Businesses Giving Back

Businesses are donating time, jobs, and materials for those in need during the coronavirus


Mari Kamemoto , Reporter

Many large businesses have been donating items and money to those in need due to the coronavirus. 

Businesses like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have been donating materials and money during this chaotic time. Because of the Coronavirus, it is hard for some families to have enough money, materials, and food. Many people are unemployed and have been laid off or fired from their jobs. 

“People in my family and my friends have been laid off or their hours have been reduced due to the Coronavirus,” said Cate Williams. “It is so sad to see people struggle from unemployment.”

Unemployment has become one of the consequences of the quarantine, as over 20 million people have filed for unemployment. Many people are struggling to pay rent and pay for groceries. 

These businesses are doing what they can to make sure people are taken care of. Specifically, Amazon is also hiring many people who were fired or laid off during this time; over 100,000 jobs were given to those who were unemployed. Also Microsoft, a large company is continuing to pay hour-wage workers the same amount even if they have to reduce their hours. 

Unemployment has not been the only issue during the coronavirus. All of the students in the United States from elementary level to colleges are currently doing school remotely. 

This is an issue because not all kids have the same access to materials and resources to get the education they need. 

That is why Amazon donated over 8,000 laptops to Seattle Public Schools to help elementary families that need access to a device at home. Many parents can not afford WiFi or devices to help their kids learn so by donations kids can learn a lot easier.