Tradition Week Comes Home

Tradition week’s switch to a purely virtual format did not stop the Braves from participating and earning some class points.


Bailey Wolf, Reporter

With Coronavirus shutting down school most of the second semester activities were cancelled including graduation, prom, spring sports, and Tradition Week, this meant that the Class of 2020 would never get to participate in so many of the things that they have looked forward to for so long. Underclassmen were also missing out on competing for their class and coming to school decked out on dress up days. 

The administration came up with a way to make sure school spirit was still present at Bishop Blanchet even though the students weren’t; virtual tradition week. The ASB still presided over the event and teachers still judged the competitions but it was definitely different than past years. The ASB announced competitions over Zoom and videos were posted to Youtube but it still made things feel a little more normal.

This year we saw some of the same competitions and challenges like the push-up contest and lip sync but we also saw new things that translated really well to the virtual format such as a Mr. Procoppio drawing contest and a meme contest. We also got to see the judges commentary and process instead of just hearing the verdict.

This year the seniors dominated and came in first place, juniors followed in second, with freshmen beating out the sophomores for third place. 

There might not have been as much participation as tradition week has seen in the past and pajama day might have lasted all week it still brought spirit and community home and helped break up the monotony of digital distance learning.