Arts and Crafts: Quarantine Edition


Nicole Needham, Reporter

Everyone can probably agree there are too many hours in the day right now. A major time consumer many people have picked up is trying out different arts and crafts. 

The first trend has become huge over the last couple months is tie dye kits. This 60’s trend has made a huge comeback as people sit around hoping for peace and a better world. They’re easy to find on Amazon, Etsy or any craft store. 

Grab any old white t-shirt, tank top, pillow case, rubber bands, and a tie dye kit. Once you twist and secure the garment with the bands you can spray/dip it in whatever colors spark your fancy. Leave it to dry overnight, iron it in the morning to set the color and your masterpiece is ready! 

Another fun activity for the artists (and couch potatoes) is adult coloring books. It’s great for people who want to multitask while binging Netflix, people who don’t have much artistic skill but still enjoy art and people who need something to calm their mind. There’s a wide variety of them from famous landmarks across the world, to wildlife, shapes and many more. 

It’s especially fun to use different mediums while doing it. There’s watercolor, acrylic paint, crayons, markers and pens. It allows everyone to create something they are proud of. Who said coloring was only for children? 

“This provides a nice option for people of all ages,” insisted kindergarten teacher Amanda Miller, “It’s good for the mind and to do something that doesn’t involve being on a screen which we have to do a lot of lately.” 

Another option for those who may have an unhealthy magazine or picture collection is collaging. Grab some mod podge, a brush, pictures or cutouts, scissors and a canvas. Once you cut and position all the images where you want them you can begin sticking them to the canvas with mod podge. It makes a great sentimental gift or just a fun addition to your house or collection. 

These are just a few of the many artistic ventures you can start with all the freetime. Be creative, stay positive and stay inside whenever possible!!